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Our Mission

Your voice is a powerful weapon that you wield. It defines you.


Here, at The Marian, we believe that voicing opinions is crucial. We like to write what we think, as well as cast your voices through our writing, but we also feel that it is necessary to share our knowledge with our readers. After all, knowledge is meant to be passed along. 


Essentially, our newspaper aims to provide an insight into events that occur at our school, and occasionally, we shift our focus to events outside of school. We also have unique themes that inspire the content for our monthly issues. Most importantly, The Marian serves as a platform to convey student, teacher, and parent opinions. What you think can shape the world.


Not only would we like to thank our readers for reading our carefully crafted newspaper, but we would also like to express our unwavering gratitude for our diligent writers, who also take on the duty of reporting, our creative website designer, those who have provided their valuable perspectives on various issues during the interviews, and last but not least, our beloved principal for enthusiastically welcoming this initiative and supporting us all the way through. Thank you all for contributing, regardless of your busy schedules. 


We sincerely hope that our newspaper has provided you with an opportunity to learn and acquire awareness of the information we highlight every month.

Happy reading:)

- The Marian  


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